Not waving, but drowning

It was my birthday today. Here’s the card Katie, my daughter, made for me. She regularly berates me for the piles of books on my study floor. ‘This is you,’ she explains inside, ‘drowning in books – a glimpse of the future’.



7 thoughts on “Not waving, but drowning

  1. Bit late but hope you had a great day …. be careful of those books …

    I remember reading that Albert Schweitzer was known for the same thing and refused to let his maid touch a thing in his room (where all these books were around his bed). So talk about dusty old German theologian! Actually he is someone I appreciate … as I do you, for better reasons. So thanks you and happy another year.

  2. Not true – I don’t have any Harry Potter books in my study. But I have read them all. Indeed our family bought not one, not two, but three copies of the last one in the series so my wife and two daughters could read it simultaneously! I couldn’t bring myself to buy four so I had to wait until one of them had finished.

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