Wanted: an administrator or intern to work with me

I could really do with an administrator. (I used to have someone working for me 12 hours a week, but she’s recently left to have a baby.) The main catch – there’s no salary! I thought I better get that in early. We can provide lodging in a Christian home as well as a small annual grant and the role could be combined with part-time work. It would suit someone wanting an apprenticeship in church planting and community work. But it be great if someone could see this as their ministry and come with their own support.

Administrator, research assistant, community worker

The main role would be to provide administrative support including activities like dealing with emails, managing my blog, making travel arrangements, organizing meetings and so on. Depending on experience and interests you could also help with research.

I have also been involved in establishing a local community forum and there is plenty of scope for someone to develop this work by promoting community activities, liaising with other organizations and providing administrative support. So this could be a great opportunity for someone who wants to combine community work with church planting.

Musical abilities would be a big bonus.

You would play an active involvement in a church planting in Sheffield with The Crowded House. The role could be combined with training with The Porterbrook Network.

You would need to be commended by your church and agree with the values of The Crowded House.

If you can think of anyone who might fit the bill then please put them in touch with me – tim [dot] chester [at] thecrowdedhouse [dot] org.

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