Audio of Organic, Reproducible and Cross-Centred Mission

Here’s the audio of my talks at the Radstock Conference 2009. I’ve blogged some of the material in the first talk in recent posts (links below). The third talk is a bit of a summary of my forthcoming book, The Ordinary Hero.

Organic Mission

Reproducible Mission

Cross-Centred Mission

Posts on Organic Mission

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Mission planning in the book of Acts

Mission planning: A humble confidence in God’s sovereignty

Mission planning: A clear vision for mission

Mission planning: A liberating culture


4 thoughts on “Audio of Organic, Reproducible and Cross-Centred Mission

  1. Hey Tim,
    I’ve been listening to your talks from Radstock and following your blog posts on mission planning. You were talking about how the church went further with the gospel after persecution not by the apostles decision. If Jesus gave them the big mission strategy (Acts 1:8) is it possible that God allowed the persecution because the church wasn’t following the plan – so God made another way?
    There have been times when the church has grown apart from persecution so I guess persecution isn’t necessary. Could it be God’s wake up call to a church which isn’t getting the gospel out? And could the UK (and the West) be falling into a similar situation?
    Or am I just asking questions which the bible doesn’t give us an answer to?

  2. Tim

    I would like to listen to your talks on my Ipod, is there any way that they could be downloaded rather than just listened to?

    Cheers mate Jason

  3. Jason – To download the MP3, looks like clicking the link to the Radstock web page itself (above the Play button) where you’ll find a Download button for the MP3 file.

    (I right-clicked the above, but all that did was download the clip as a video in Real Player which wasn’t much use)

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