Writers and their rooms

We get the Guardian newspaper on Saturdays. My wife does the crossword and I settle down with the review section.

My favourite feature for the past few months as been a half-page photo each issue of a writer’s room. I love my study and I love seeing other people’s studies so this is the sort of thing I love. Anyway here’s a montage of some the photos with a commentary from the photographer, Eamonn McCabe. Make sure you click ‘show captions’ so you know whose room it is.

I also enjoyed this photo collection from the BBC website of messy desks. My favourite is the desk of Prof Wolfgang Danspeckgruber is chair of the Liechtenstein Institute on self-determination [I kid you not] at Princeton University. This is a thing of wonder and surely the work of decades.


8 thoughts on “Writers and their rooms

  1. this is great.
    I sometimes dream of making enough money (not quite in the right job for that) and then designing and building my own home. The centrepiece as far, as I would be concerned, would be two key rooms: a living room and a study. Both would have long picture windows looking over the marshes of the North Norfolk coast. The other walls would be filled with bookshelves and a decent sound system. There i would spend my days writing books, blog posts and poems, and generally watching the world.
    Which is, of course, horrendously individualistic and not very ‘Crowded House’. But the books would hopefully be helpful!

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  3. brilliant pics.
    re comment on being individualistic hiding away in the study – have a more communal one with more than one desk where people come and go and use the computer and the books and chat for a bit and grab a coffee. That’s what we try to have. There are French windows out into the back garden too, which is even more communal then! I find it a lot more fun!

  4. One of my old lecturers (at Oak Hill College) would rival this photo – his defence: ‘a messy desk is the sign of an ordered mind’. I’ve lived by that mantra since.

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