The essence of The Ordinary Hero


IVP are publishing my book on living the cross and resurrection, The Ordinary Hero, in May.

In the meantime, here’s a ‘wordle’ of the text. It’s based on the frequency of words in the text – the bigger and bolder the word, the more frequently it appears. It’s a graphic representation of the main themes. It gives a rough idea of what the book’s about!



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8 thoughts on “The essence of The Ordinary Hero

  1. admit it, you deliberately wrote the book to get the wordle looking like that. that has to be the most Biblically sound wordle I have ever seen, probably more biblical than the Bible itself

  2. I was really surprised to see ‘vet’ in there, but on closer inspection I think that’s actually ‘yet’.

  3. I am looking forward to reading it. I have really enjoyed “Total Church”, it has solidified many things for me and opened my eyes to many others that I had been blind to. Thank you.

  4. Hey Mark, you haven’t considered another possibility which is that the wordle is a fake and that the real Ordinary Hero wordle highlights the words ‘health, wealth, prosperity and comfort’.

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