Organic, reproducible and cross-centred mission

Last week I was speaking at the Radstock conference. Radstock is a rather unique mission organisation because rather than ‘doing’ mission it provides connections and expertise to help local churches do mission in partnership with other local church – a much more NT way of doing it! Check out their website to get a feel for what that looks like in practice.

It was a great joy to spend time with church planters from around the world and here some wonderful stories. One will have to do for now. We heard of a young woman called Geeta from northern India who was possessed by a demon until a pastor prayed for her release. Now her whole family are Christians. Under the supervision of her pastor, Geetas has been going to local villages telling them the gospel. As a result, in the last six months five new churches have begun. Geeta is just 18 years old.

I’ll probably posts some thoughts from my talks and the audio will go up on the Radstock website in due course. In the meantime, Mike McKinley (a church planter in the States and a Radstock trustee and part of 9Marks) has posted his notes on the 9Marks blog:

1. Organic Mission

2. Reproducible mission

3. Cross-centred mission

This last talk is a bit of a taster for my forthcoming book, The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection (May 2009, IVP).