Effective evangelism #2: love people

Three things are key to effective evangelism: loving Jesus, loving people and living life. In a recent post I looked at loving Jesus and in a future post I’ll look at the importance of loving loving life.Today, loving people …

Some people love the idea of ministry. They like the idea of being a minister or missionary. But they don’t really love people. They don’t make good evangelists! Step one in evangelism is being passionate about Jesus. Step two is being passionate about people. Not just seeing them as evangelistic fodder or targets for gospel salvos. But friends. People to love. Love will care for all their needs – physical, social, emotional. But gospel love also recognises our greatest need – to know God through Christ. And so true love will always want to introduce people to our greatest friend, Jesus.

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3 thoughts on “Effective evangelism #2: love people

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  3. Love is what propels me.

    First, there is a love for God, fueled out of the wonder of God’s grace in my life. I know my salvation is a gift, and I get lost in the wonder of it all.

    Secondly, “Because God first loved us we ought to love one another.” My love for others and concern for their practical and spiritual needs is the overflow of understanding God’s love for me.

    One can witness without love — it’s a skill that can be learned. But it’s also pushing a boulder up a hill.

    When love motivates, sharing is easier and more natural.

    Chris W

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