Creative commons

Some Rights Reserved A number of people have asked if they can use material from my blog, especially the posts on missional rhythms (a concept I myself ‘stole’ from Soma Communities). In one of the left-hand columns is this logo. It’s a creative commons licence. It basically means I’m happy for you to use anything on the website as long as:

— you acknowledge the source (simply credit:
— you don’t use it for any commercial purposes

2 thoughts on “Creative commons

  1. A friend of mine once asked John Piper why he made so much of his stuff available for free or at cost, and he turned around to him and said (and the second my friend asked, he said, he saw the answer coming and felt ashamed) “well, when the bible says ‘it’s better to give than receive’ I take that as true”.

    (also, unless I’m reading your website upside down, I think you mean right-hand column)

  2. I nicked the ideas for our values from Soma as well. Although I think Jeff might have got them from smallboatbigsea in Oz.

    Love the new layout by the way

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