Teenage se xual activity and music

Research by Pittsburgh University has found a link in teenagers between listening to se xually explicit music and engaging in se xual activity. Forty-five percent of 13 to 18-year-olds who listened to music with degrading se xual lyrics regularly (anything over 17.6 hours a week) had had s ex while only 21 percent of those who listened infrequently had had s ex.

Of course, a link is not the same as causality. It’s not clear what is the cause of what. Does listening to explicit music increase se xual activity or does se xual activity give you a preference for expl icit lyrics? Or are both the result of other factors – like, for example, absentee fathers. Probably it’s a combination of all these things.

What it does remind Christian paretns is that we should take an interest in what our teenagers are listening to and be ready to talk about it with them.


One thought on “Teenage se xual activity and music

  1. Well that is interesting, although I do think that kids are looking for love and acceptance and will often think that they will find this in sexual activity…and yes, many of these kids do come from one parent families. Lets just hope that we as parents have the kind of teenager who even wants to discuss these kinds of things!!

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