The rhythms of a missional church PDF

I’ve been posting some notes on our five rhythms. Here the notes as a PDF file:

The Rhythms of the Edge Network

The rhythms themselves along with our values, identities and statement of faith can be found here.


6 thoughts on “The rhythms of a missional church PDF

  1. Thanks for the resource! We’ll be working and praying through what it looks like to live this out next time our small group gathers. It’s going to help us to really be the church in our community.

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  3. Tim,

    I can’t articulate how much your presentation of gospel community has resonated with my soul… This is profoundly new territory in U.S. gospel circles, though we have been implementing it in pieces, trying to stave off the complete collapse of “church as we know it.”

    Total church has been fermenting in my mind for months, and I appreciate the continual provocation toward relevance you offer in these posts. We’re reading and benefiting from the grace God has shown you, so be encouraged! Thanks!

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