Can you help me with my research on pomography?

I’m starting work on the issue of helping Christians who are struggling with pomography. I believe it’s a massive issue facing Christians in the West, albeit one that is largely hidden. One online survey in the United States found that 50 percent of men in churches used pomography.

I’m writing a pastoral booklet on the topic and will be leading a series of seminars during week one of the Keswick Convention in July.

I want gather people’s experiences, stories and lessons. So if it’s an issue you struggle with, or have struggled with in the past, then please complete my online questionnaire. Please let others know about this. It’s completely anonymous – I have no way of knowing who the respondents are.

Online Pomography Questionnaire

If this link doesn’t work then the url is:

[My blog screens words of a se xual or vio lent nature – hence the space or ‘m’ in pormography.]


7 thoughts on “Can you help me with my research on pomography?

  1. Tim, have you seen the work done by Craig Gross at (yes, that is for real, and safe). You would get some stats, resources, testimonies etc. They do an amazing outreach to s ex workers is the US.

  2. Tim, I am anxious to see your results and conclusions from this survey. To date, I have not been very excited about most of the christian literature out there including Driscolls because I feel like it really fails at assessing the root issues. If root issues are not addressed the symptoms will change but running from God will remain the same. I have learned this in many hard ways. If you are interested I have published some articles on what I have learned in my recovery. Thanks for tackling this.

  3. Hey Tim
    I’ve followed the subject of pornography for a while now since I was contacted by a bloke via my blog. Since then I’ve blogged all sorts of advice and useful links. You can search the topic of porn on my blog.

    All the best with your research and God bless.

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