Guest blogging at The Resurgence

Steve Timmis and I are guest blogging at The Resurgence over the next few days.   My first post has just gone up on ‘ordinary lives with gospel intentionality’.

Resurgence is a ministry of Mars Hill, Seattle.   They say: ‘Resurgence is a movement that resources multiple generations to live for Jesus so that they can effectively reach their cities with the gospel by staying culturally accessible and Biblically faithful.’   We say: ‘lots of great stuff on missional church.’

Here’s the pic they created to go with the blog post. Makes me sound like an addict. A book writing addict perhaps. Oh dear, how did they find out?


3 thoughts on “Guest blogging at The Resurgence

  1. Looking forward to the posts. “gospel intentionality” has been the topic of discussion, encouragement and prayer for our small group the past week and weeks to come. Talk about timely.

  2. Tim

    I thought it was a good article, although I thought the graphic with ‘I’m Tim …’ was alluding to the fact that you looked like a tall bit of wood with a cross on the top. Are you and Steve looking forward to alot of fan mail now?

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