Josh Harris on a good recession

Tony Reinke draws attention to two sermons by Josh Harris on a Christian response to the recession including a summary, quotes and audio links. Here are some quotes …

Is it possible for us to think something is the best for our kids, and we are just discipling them in covetousness?

This recession will not necessarily make you a more spiritual and godly person. God can use this recession for our spiritual good if we let it awaken us to the folly of greed and covetousness. There is a very big IF in this statement and I want you to be aware of this. This recession will not necessarily do you or me any spiritual good. In fact if we don’t guard our hearts it might be an opportunity for us to grow more greedy and more obsessed with money and financial security.

I’ll speak for the pastors, we don’t get a lot of phone calls of people saying ‘I’m greedy! Please, I need counselling.’ … Our schedule is not booked up with people who are awake at night aware of how greedy and covetous they are … Could it be that we have been lulled to sleep by a culture that is built on the lie that your life consists in the abundance of your possessions?

Our definition of need has been super-sized by our culture of consumption. So we think that we need not only to eat, but to eat food that we love, and preferably to eat out. We think that we not only need to be clothed, but to wear the latest fashion and have five of everything. We think we need more than just a roof over our heads. We want a bigger house, with a big yard. And the list could go on and on.

One of the spiritual benefits, potentially, if we seize it, we can gain during an economic recession is that as we tighten our budgets as we change our lifestyle, we can actually begin getting a clearer picture of what we actually need…Seize this as an opportunity to have your need-o-meter reset.


2 thoughts on “Josh Harris on a good recession

  1. Amen. Let us get our “money’s worth” out of this recession. After all, we probably won’t have this opportunity for long…

  2. I agree with what Josh is saying here, but I wonder what this all means for how we ‘bless the city’ during this recession?

    The temptation is to tighten our belts, make do with what we have. However if we do that more and more businesses will fold and more and more people will be put out of work.

    Perhaps this is the same issue as we always face as Christians, but I feel its made more accute by the fact that businesses are really struggling at the moment. What can we do to help them?

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