Proposed cover for The Ordinary Hero

theordinaryheroHere’s the proposed cover for my next book, The Ordinary Hero: Living the Cross and Resurrection (due out summer 2009).

What do you think?


17 thoughts on “Proposed cover for The Ordinary Hero

  1. hmmm – it’s a bit militaristic to my eye: which may well be intended. It wouldn’t be an image that would make me want to pick it up and check it out

  2. looks okay. I’d remove the white blob behind the title and let the text sit in front of the picture.

  3. That is a tricky question to be asking.

    Is it really something that is up for grabs? In which case – no I don’t like it, I think that you should get me to do a black and white image cover in this sort of style:

    Or colour like this:

    But this sort of difference is never good from a corporate point of view, so, on the other hand it fits with the existing ‘look’ of other work like ‘change’.

  4. dare i say – it is very IVP.
    starting to look like part of a trilogy or something ( I know you have more than three!)

    not militaristic –
    hike boot and gaitor – adventure walker – not so much heroic as boutique hobby in our context.
    eye catching , simple.

  5. Looks fine to my non-graphic-design eyes, but possibly a bit ‘lone ranger’ when you seem keen to recover the communal nature of the Christian life?

  6. i do like it and it does tie in with “you can change” but is the person on the front doing something ordinary as perceived by the majority of people, people who would see themselves as ordinary?

  7. I’m with fridaysat1 on this one. Gators and hiking boots seem to be out of the realm of the ordinary. I have friends who enjoy this hobby, and wouldn’t describe them as ‘ordinary.’ The proposed cover seems counter-intuitive to the concept of the book, but maybe that’s what is intended?

    I’d suggest someone sitting at a desk with their back to the reader, with the shadow of a cross thrown across their back. Or perhaps a washed-out family picture outside an ordinary house with the shadow of a cross falling across the house.

    Just some alternate ideas…

  8. Yep, I’m with the last two comments as well, Hiking seems to be well beyond the ordinary everyday thing… Oh and one other thing, it’s a bit blokey… Or just exclusive of those that don’t get the whole hiking thing. (being a girl who loves hiking I’m still not sure I really identify with the image..) Still, looking forward to reading it..

  9. Sorry… I would not choose this type of coverdesign. Not very original. The topic of the book deserves a better cover…
    Ask the artist to do his homework again…

  10. I dont think those boots are ordinary. Something more everyday like blue jeans or work shoes. Maybe a side walk would be better than the side of a mountain.

  11. Mark@DR’s suggestion of the shadow of the cross cast on to someone or something is the way forward as it would link nicely with the title.

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