Life and faith from a Welsh perspective

Many years ago, I lived for a few years in Wales and became almost conversational in the Welsh language. Don’t try talking to be in Welsh now as I’m afraid it was twenty years ago and sadly I’ve lost whatever Welsh I once had. But I have retained a deep affection for the country and a concern for its spiritual state.

So I’m delighted to see Rhys Llwyd is has started an English language blog called A Voice in the Welsh Wilderness reflecting on life and faith from a Welsh language Christian perspective. Rhys is doing a PhD on R. Tudor Jones and Welsh Christian nationalism so he’s well placed to comment on such things.

Perhaps I can also take the opportunity to commend the work of Gobaith i Gymru (Hope for Wales): ‘gig seeks to be a means to help the churches share the good news of Jesus Christ with Welsh speaking people and encourage and enable young Christians that speak Welsh to serve Jesus and grow in their faith.’

I’m also glad to see Rhys commending my friends Dewi Hughes’ book, Castrating Culture, as the ‘textbook’ on understanding issues of culture, nationalism, language and the church.