Keller on preaching to the heart

The CDs of Tim Keller’s six talks on ‘Preaching to the Heart’ from the Ockenga Institute of Gordon-Conwell Seminary have been one of my top recommendations on preaching and communication. But they’re not available as downloads and they’re not cheap (especially if you have to pay international postage). But now I notice that Oakhill College has two talks by Keller with the same title which are available free as MP3 downloads. Enjoy!


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  1. Thanks for posting these! I’ve been letting people borrow my GCTS ‘preaching to the heart’ CD’s (I hope I get them back!). But this is a great way to get the essentials of those talks out to more people. By the way there’s a growing interest in having you come to New England to equip and encourage us pastors. I’m throwing in my vote for some teaching on the Trinity!

  2. Tim

    I got them after Mark Moore recommended the series. It was worth double the £30 odd quid I spent on them. I have them on my computer now and relisten often on my mp3. Anyone who preaches or is thinking about preaching should listen to Tim’s series, they’ll certainly challenge you. Anyone who comes to Plymouth can download off my laptop :)

  3. Hey there,

    The basic content of those CDs seem to be a distilled version of his portion of course co-taught with Ed Clowney at Covenant a few years back. You can download all of the audio for free on iTunes. Search for “preaching Christ in a postmodern world” and you’ll find the course. If you don’t want to listen to the whole course, you can just download keller’s 9 lectures individually.

    They’re great!

    – Drew

  4. The above Clowney/Keller audio was from a Ph.D course taught in 2001 at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando. The back and forth interaction between both Clowney and Keller makes this extensive audio a gem.

  5. Good question, Drew. Since it’s not copywrited, I would think it’s okay. But due diligence may still need to be in order. I contacted RTS this morning and left a detailed message. I’ll let you know their response. But, I’d be surprised if it was an issue. More hopefully next week.

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