Gospel community on the back of a napkin

I enjoyed
this blog post from Justin Buzzard
which shows how he’s expressing the vision of his twenties ministry (influenced by Total Church) on the back of a napkin.


2 thoughts on “Gospel community on the back of a napkin

  1. Tim,

    Thank God for what’s going on out there with TCH. I just read Total Church and have recommended it to a few of our pastors here in South Carolina. (www.nhcconline.com) The Spirit is afoot and we are excited.

    I have connections to many, many pastors and “ministry leaders” and would love to be able to give this book away. Is there a way to purchase many copies at a discount?

    Thank you Tim!


  2. I’m delighted you like Total Church and want to give it away. Awesome! (As Americans seem to say all the time.) I suggest you contact the publishers, Crossway, to see if they’ll do you a deal. My contacts are on the editorial side rather than sales. But there are details on their website here.

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