Church planting movements: a reproducible pattern of church #1

I’ve previously asked how we can contribute to the emergence of church planting movements. We’ve looked a the importance of prayer and cross-centred approach to discipleship. Now we look at reproducibility.

Every Christian could sit in church meeting thinking, ‘I could do this.’

Imagine a large church building costing half million pounds, a rota of volunteers making each Sunday gathering work, printed service sheets, a band with a PA system, songs words projected on screens, an eloquent 30 minute sermon. Do people sit there thinking, ‘I could do this?’ Of course not. Then do not complain if few of them start churches.

Imagine instead a second century Romans church or a twentieth century Chinese church. They meet in a home. There are only 20 people. Many more of the meeting would attract the attention of the authorities. There is no rota, no volunteers, no notice sheets they gather much as a family might. The singing is unaccompanied. They eat together, pray together. Perhaps someone tells a Bible story. If they are lucky they have Bible which someone reads before adding some words of exhortation. Do people sit there thinking, ‘I could do this’?

Neil Cole tells a story that captures the power of this idea which I’ve already posted in reproduced in a previous post.

More on what this might mean in practice in future posts.

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  2. I have read Total Church twice now, listened to a few MP3’s where you talk about these concepts and this question has still got to be one of my favourite questions that you are asking us. Challenging and refreshing. Thanks Tim

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