Everyday reliance on God

One of the characteristics of modernity in Western culture is the desire for control. This is what has driven much of the drive to scientific progress, managerial systems and modern state craft. We want to be able to control our world, our environment, our health.

But we are not in control in the world. God is sovereign. We cannot apply modernistic techniques to mission. We cannot control and determine mission. We are wholly reliant on God. Mission is a supernatural activity and we must treat as such.

People often ask: ‘How can I build a church?’ The answer is: ‘You can’t!’

When did you feel your need of God? I recognise in my own life that I have become adept as doing ‘risk-free mission’.

We need to learn again to be reliant on God. It means operating outside of our comfort zones. It means putting ourselves in situations in which we feel our dependence on God – in which we are not in control, in which we might fail, in which risk is involved.

We need to discover God in the everyday. We often relegate God to the crises of life because we have a created comfortable Christianity. We live risk-free because we are not living on the edge. We need to be telling one another stories of deliverance (that is Philippians 1:20-style deliverance from unfaithfulness in the fact of threat rather than deliverance from threat).


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