John Owen on Christ’s Humbling Himself

More extracts from John Owen on The Glory of Christ.

Chapter Four: The Glory of Christ’s Humbling Himself

We may behold the glory of Christ in his infinite willingness to humble himself to take this office of mediator on himself, and uniting our nature to his for that purpose. He did not become mediator by chance. Nor was it imposed on him against his will. He did not have to become mediator. He freely chose to become mediator. He willingly humbled himself in order that he might make a righteous peace between God the Judge and man the sinner. (39)

Christ is a sanctuary, a sure refuge to all that put their trust in him. and what would a troubled man fleeing to a safe place be looking for? He would look for all his needs to be met, to be delivered from all his fears, to be protected from all dangers.  Such is the Lord Christ to all sin-distressed souls.
     Christ is a refuge to us in all our spiritual sorrows and troubles (Heb. 6:18). Are you burdened with a sense of sin? Are you weighed down under the oppression of any spiritual enemy? Do we, as a result of any of these things, ‘walk in darkness and have no light’? One look at the glory of Christ will strengthen and comfort us. (47-48)

Chapter Five: The Glory of Christ’s Love as Mediator

To the divine nature nothing is too difficult nor is anything too much trouble. But he was to have another nature in which he was required to undergo difficulties of this work of salvation. He was required to pity us until he had none to pity him when he most needed it. He was to tread the way of salvation until his soul was heavy and sorrowful unto death. He was to save us from the wrath and justice of a righteous God by suffering that wrath and justice himself. (52)

Where understanding fails, let worship and adoration take place. (54)

Do not be content to have right ideas of the love of Christ in your mind unless you have a gracious taste of it in your heart. You may taste that the Lord is gracious, that is, you may experience for yourself his grace in your heart. If you do not actually experience the love of Christ in your heart, you will not retain the idea of it in your mind.
     Christ is the meat, the bread, the food provided by God for your soul. and there is no higher spiritual nourishment in Christ than his mediatory love, and this you should always desire,. In his love, Christ is glorious. No creatures, angels or men could have the least idea of it before it was revealed by Christ. And after it was seen in the world, it is still absolutely incomprehensible. (55-56)


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