John Owen on the Glory of Christ in His Person

More extracts from John Owen on The Glory of Christ

Chapter Three: The Glory of Christ in His Person

This is a glory whose beams are so wonderful that the blind world cannot see their light and beauty and so many deny the incarnation of God. Nevertheless, this is the glory of our religion, the glory of the church, the only rock on which it was built, the only source of present grace and future glory. (28)

Satan’s sin, as far as we can see, consisted of two evils, Firstly, there was his pride against the person of the Son of God by whom he was created (Col. 1:16). This was the start of his transgression. Secondly, there was his envy against mankind, made in the image of God, the Son of God the first-born. This completed his sin. Nothing was now left for him to lift himself proudly up against, nor to vent his malice on. To Satan’s eternal confusion and ruin, god in his infinite wisdom united both the natures he had sinned against in then one person of the Son, who was the first object of his pride and malice By this, his destruction is accompanied with everlasting shame in the revelation of his foolishness in attempting to overthrow infinite wisdom, as well as his misery in being overthrown himself by the power of the two natures united in one person. (29)

Let is get it fixed in our minds that this glory of Christ in his divine-human person, is the best, the most noble and beneficial truth that we can think about or set our hearts on. (30)

The glory of Christ is the ‘pearl of great price’ which we should make every effort to find (Matt. 13:45-46). And the Scripture is the ocean into which we dive to discover this pearl, or the mine in which we dig for its precious treasures (Prov. 2:1-5).(33)

Let us regard it as our duty to meditate frequently on his glory. It is the neglect of meditation that keeps so many Christians in a feeble state, regardless of their privileges. (34)

Many cannot meditate because their minds are so cluttered up with earthly things. The mind must be spiritual and holy, freed from all earthly clutter. It must be raised above things here below if we wish to meditate on the glory of Christ. (34)

Let all our thoughts concerning Christ and is glory be accompanied with admiration, adoration and thanksgiving. (36)