Do you want to be a church planter?

Do you want to be a church planter with the Acts 29 network in Europe?

Acts 29 and the Porterbrook Network are hosting a church planting training conference on 16-18 February, 2009 at St James Church, Clerkenwell Close, London.

This conference effectively marks the launch of the Acts 29 Network in Europe. It builds on the Dwell London conference held earlier this month with Mark Driscoll, Steve Timmis, Scott Thomas and David Fairchild.

The conference will include an assessment process for anyone wanting to plant churches in Europe under the auspices of Acts 29. So if you’re considering church planting through Acts 29 and have not started the process, please visit to fill out your application and also to gather more information about our assessment process.  If you do intend to start your application process, please inform David Fairchild, the Acts 29 Director of European Church Planting. His email address is david [at] kaleochurch [dot] com. David says:

This conference will be more specifically oriented towards church planting. We will focus on various subjects directly benefiting anyone who is hoping to plant a church. The conference will also coincide with those who are hoping to get assessed and approved as a church planter through Acts 29. If you’ve been wondering whether or if you should plant a church or have the necessary qualifications to do so, this conference will serve as a way of assisting you in that process.

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