Tim Keller on You Can Change

The cover of Tim Chester, You Can Change (June, 2008)

The cover of Tim Chester, You Can Change (June, 2008)

You Can Change: God’s Transforming Power for Our Sinful Behaviour and Negative Emotions, my book on sanctification, Christian growth and pastoral issues is now out from IVP-UK. It was actually out a month a go, but I forgot to post about it.

Tim Keller

Here’s what Tim Keller says about it: “A book about Christian growth that is neither quietistic nor moralistic is rare. A book that is truly practical is even rarer. Tim Chester’s new volume falls into both categories and therefore fills a gap.” Tim Keller, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, New York City

Paul Tripp

And here’s what Paul Tripp says about it: “There are few books that are shockingly honest, carefully theological, and gloriously hopeful all at the same time. Tim Chester’s book, You Can Change, is all of these and more. He skilfully uses the deepest insights of the theology of the Word as a lens to help you understand yourself and the way of change, and, in so doing, helps you to experience practically what you thought you already knew. The carefully crafted personal ‘reflection’ and ‘change project’ sections are worth the price of the book by themselves. It is wonderful to be reminded that you and I are not stuck, and it’s comforting to be guided by someone who knows well the road from where we are to where we need to be.” Paul Tripp, President of Paul Tripp Ministries

Sample Chapter

Here’s a sample chapter: Chapter Five: What Truths Do You Need To Turn To?


And here’s a movie of me introducing the book:

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  2. Tim, just home from a holiday which included reading your book. Absolutely brilliant – I’ll blog a review sometime in then next week or so. This is a book I’ve been waiting for that pulls together so many of the things I’ve been thinking and says them so coherently. You’ve served us well. Thank you.

  3. Tim, just read ‘You can Change’ and found it so helpful – in terms of some of the folks I am working with it confirmed some of the directions I was trying to move in; and also opened up to me some stuff that I realised I had just contented myself with as being ‘part of me’ and lost all desire to change in. Thanks.
    Couple of things. I presume you don’t have any objections to folks like myself developing a small group course in Church off the back of the book?
    And secondly, I’m looking for some further help in thinking through the mind/heart issue. In order to change there are truths I need to accept, recognise, trust and believe – and I need to turn from lies I have believed. But then there is the question of affections – right desires etc. I was having a long conversation with an unbeliever yesterday as part of an ongoing dialogue & friendship we are having – essentially ‘he thinks with his heart’; and I am encouraging to believe with his mind – yet addressing the need for him to recognise where his affections & desires are just now. That’s not very well explained at all – but hope you maybe can respond? Is it chicken and egg – which comes first? Or do we always need to address issues of truth & the mind before we can address issues of desires & the heart?
    Sorry, I don’t have a private email for you so have to post this on public blog

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  5. Hi Tim Chester: I have read your book “La responsabilité du Chretien face a la pauvreté. I have a call in social change and i was looking if you have a web site or a blog where i could share with you about évangelisation and social change.

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