Distance Learning for Church Planting and Missional Church

We’ve just finished the first year of Porterbrook Training Sheffield, a day-a-week training for church planting and missional church. From September we’re about to launch Porterbrook Distance Learning with the same content delivered through distance learning materials and three weekend residentials. With both Porterbrook Training Sheffield and Porterbrook Distance Learning, there’s a foundation year (designed with team and church members in mind) and an advanced year (designed for those with prior training or experience). Students can do either year or both. The cost for the distance learning is £450 a year (including the cost of residentials).

The Northern Training Institute, our programme for those training for church leadership, has also come under the auspices of the Porterbrook Network so we are now offering three courses – all ‘training for mission and leadership in the context of your ministry’.

Here’s the commendation from Tim Keller: “The Porterbrook Network is an innovative resource that offers affordable, high quality training for mission and ministry in the 21st century. I warmly recommend it.”

Here’s our latest leaflet (PDF, 1 MB).


5 thoughts on “Distance Learning for Church Planting and Missional Church

  1. That sounds exciting Tim – will the material become available internationally at some stage?

  2. The cost will be £450 a year (including the cost of residentials).

    We are hoping in time people in Europe might do the course, coming three times a year to the residentials. But we also hoping we might find local partners who can adapt and deliver the training. We already have partners in the United States and possibilities in Australia and South Africa.

    We do have a bit of partnership with Redeemer. So, for example, they are graciously letting us use their material where appropriate.

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