Sample chapter of You Can Change

The cover of Tim Chester, You Can Change (June, 2008)Here’s a sample chapter of my latest book, You  Can Change, which is out from IVP-UK on the 20th June.

You Can Change – Chapter Five: What Truths Do You Need To Turn To?


6 thoughts on “Sample chapter of You Can Change

  1. Thanks for providing this, I’m looking forward to reading it. I’m having problems downloading it, the error message is saying it’s possibly a problem with the site, or is it just a problem at my end?

  2. Working fine here in Canada. Thanks, Tim, for whetting our appetites for the book … not that mine needed whetting … I am looking forward to meeting you at the North American Total Church conference in San Diego. I’m trying to save up my shekels now for the trip.

  3. Tim, thanks for the resource. My friend, Jonathan Dodson over at, pointed me to your blog and books. There’s a small movement here in New England who seem to have the same heartbeat as yours for gospel-driven communities. Perhaps God has a sovereign appointment on his ‘desk calendar’ for you to come out this way to join our equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry of Christ?!

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