Delighting in the Trinity – the breakfast cereal

My book Delighting in the Trinity was one of ten books being promoted by UCCF (the student movement in the UK) at New Word Alive as must read books for students. Here’s the video that was produced to promote the ten books. It’s a spoof of British TV shows an adverts. The irony is that the publisher, Lion Hudson, have just told me that they’re allowing the book to go out of print!

11 thoughts on “Delighting in the Trinity – the breakfast cereal

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  2. Oh dear. How many potential hours spent doing World View Surveys in the Students Union were wasted on this?

  3. Ian,

    plenty of time to do world view surveys and also do things like being creative, and… read blogs :)


  4. Dave

    I read Tim Chester’s blog whilst manning the Worldview Survey stall in the Students Union

    Ian :)

  5. Tim,

    I’m sorry to hear they are letting it go out of print. It is definitely worth the read. I am finally getting around to reading “The Message of Prayer.” “Total Church” was outstanding. It is one of the books I am going to give our elders to read.

  6. They’re probably pulling it because there’s so many books around that cover the same material, at the same level, and of a similarly high quality. Like em…, and there’s ..?? and, and….

    Seriously, it’s a real shame. It’s the most wonderful topic. There are only Christians that can truly know God, an amazing privilege, and not to bother with the trinity is nonsense. I’ve read it twice and passed it on, and it’s also prompted me to dig a bit deeper, and there really isn’t much about at the popular lever. It just needs a bit more promotion. So thank you Mr Chester & UCCF.

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