New Word Alive: Terry Virgo on grace and law

I think I’m doing what is called ‘live blogging’ – reporting live from a conference, in this case New Word Alive. It might actually be semi-live (half-dead?) blogging because I’m not making notes in real time as conference addresses are given.

The first New Word Alive kicked off last night with worship led by Stuart Townend and a great talk from Terry Virgo. Virgo expounded the opening verses of Romans 7. The law, he said, is like a demanding husband that never lifts a finger to help us. What’s more, the law is not going to go away. The law is not going to die off and leave us a free widow! But the good news is that we die. We are released form a marital obligations to the law because in Christ we die to the law. This is true not only for justification, but also for sanctification. The law cannot change us. If it could, says Paul, it would have been the way of righteousness. But Christ is our righteousness. Virgo was excellent on the way Satan accuses us, pointing out our failings and so we try harder. But his accusations come again and we feel defeated. But we can ‘reign in life’ through grace. when Satan’s accusations come we point to Christ’s righteousness which is now our righteousness.

This morning we have Don Carson on 1 John 2:2 and this evening  John Piper is speaking on Romans 8 on ‘treasuring Christ and the call to suffer’. In between are a host of seminars including a track from yours truly on ‘good news to the poor’.


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