What do you think of these potential covers …

Here is the proposed cover for my forthcoming book on sanctification and Christian growth, You Can Change, plus the proposed cover for a reprint of The Busy Christians Guide to Busyness. Tell me what you think by leaving a comment by Sunday and I’ll pass your feedback on to IVP next week. I want prejudice you by giving my own thoughts.

YouCanChange1                   Busyness2

13 thoughts on “What do you think of these potential covers …

  1. Hi Tim – i like the abstracty feel of the busyness one but wonder if it is a bit too serene! But then hopefully people will be serene after reading the book!
    The potters’ wheel is too obvious an image albeit a biblical one – and for some it will just remind people of Patrick Swayze in Ghost which is not a particularly happy thought, i have to say.

  2. They are very IVP – most have the same designer doing lots of their covers. If you had asked me to guess teh publishing house it would have been easy.

    Too nice, not enough oomph to them.

    The first looks like a meeage of hope that Tim Chester can change – that’s how it reads. Rather like the famous “How to eat Nigella Lawson”

    Just my passing thoughts – from a church planter in Ireland who is currently enjoying Total Church

  3. I don’t think the pottery image conveys the title very well. It would fit a book called “God can change you.” I think they ought to be more creative than that. The clockface close-up on the other one took me several seconds to figure out what I was looking at. Again, they need to come up with something more creative! Just doesn’t add interest to the book.

  4. Christians guide to busyness WAY better than the first cover, however you could move the font around… and let it hit aussie shores!!! you can change, i agree re: swayze… but i love that 80’s slash early 90’s stuff.

  5. “Tim Chester You can change! ”
    Is that
    “It’s possible for me to change **you**, Tim Chester, but that’s my lot, no one else” ?
    “I want to remind you, Tim Chester, that you can be changed” ?
    (maybe reduce the font size of your name!)

    The pics…oh dear. Cliched and tired images. Who would have thought of a clock and a potter’s wheel? (!)
    Where’s the grittyness? IVP surprise me time after time… I thought they were working with students who are supposed to be fresh and exciting and anything but conservative. I’d favour anything abstract.
    Sorry to be negative. But it’s important to get it right when the material inside is so very excellent.

  6. Hmmm… yeah, sorry but I agree with pretty much all of that. Particularly the IVP ‘look’. They’re very mellow, and I probably wouldn’t pick them up off the shelf.

    Listen to the people, IVP!

  7. Hi,

    Warmer colours on the first one , caught my eye, but they are very IVP. Have you asked a friend or thought of giving it a try yourself
    . Looking forward to buying it, whatever ugly cover IVP puts on it .


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  9. Great that they are reprinting that brilliant book. Here are my two cents on the designs…

    I think everyone’s being a bit hard on IVP here. These are typical IVP covers and as usual fit in with their high quality production and generally tasteful designs. Compared to most other British based Christian publishers they are great.

    However, also as usual, they are very ‘nice’ and verging on the boring and unimaginative.

    All in all, definitely a better cover than last BCGTB cover which was very unIVP, but room for improvement on both new ones too.

    Impressed with Mark Loughridge’s idea, although I would love a dash more colour.

    It’s like everyone watching Grand Designs or something – everyone has an opinion!

  10. I’m afraid IVP have slid back into really poor covers again. I’ve a feeling things did improve for a while but now everything seems to be blurry and bland and lacking any draw and impact.

    …Krish Kandiah’s FRESH cover was sent to a design agency to fix it because the first attempts were unsellable. Maybe Christian publishers should spend a bit more time looking at what’s out there in the general book market, good books get sunk by bad covers, maybe we need to learn that design matters. The best designed Christian books out at the moment are probably Rob Bell’s – whatever you make of the content, someone put some real effort into making the books look good.

    As a fan of your writing Tim, I hope you get good covers.

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