Eschatology and mission

I’ve just published a chapter I’ve written for a forthcoming book as an NTI Paper on the Northern Training Institute website.

Here the paper: The kingdom of God is at hand: eschatology and mission

And here are some quotes …

The gospel is an eschatological message. In evangelism we declare that Jesus is king and that Jesus will be king … We do not offer people a gospel invitation; we command people to repent and submit to the coming king … The pattern of New Testament discipleship is the pattern of suffering followed by glory reflecting the pattern of the cross and resurrection … Resurrection power is given to us that we might live the life of the cross. It is power to be weak … Without eschatology we are left with a limp Christian existentialism in which immediate experience is everything.

The is due to be published in What Are We Waiting For? Hopeful Theologians in Discussion, eds. Stephen Holmes and Russell Rook (Paternoster, forthcoming).