The Trinity and humanity

One of the comments  I’ve received on my posts of the homogeneous unit principle says: ‘It seems to me that the unity and diversity that you are talking about here as being a necessary part of the church’s life is actually rooted in the nature of the Trinity – an eternal conversation of unity in diversity.’ It prompted me to post a chapter from my book on the Trinity.

The Trinity and Humanity (an extract from Tim Chester, Delighting in the Trinity, Monarch, 2005)


4 thoughts on “The Trinity and humanity

  1. Tim,

    I might be being a bit thick, but I can’t find an email link on your blog. If you follow the link to my site you will see a bit about where I’m coming from. Over the next six months I’m going to be working on an MTh thesis which I hope will be on a Trinitarian basis for Bible translation. I’d be interested in chatting to you sometime if it is at all possible. We have a few common acquaintances if you want to check out my bona fides. Any chance you could email me at some point?

    With best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


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